Paving in the construction of Circuito de los Arcos


Location: Los Arcos, Navarra

Clients: Government of Navarra

Budget: 43.000.000 €.

Completion year: 2010

Collaborators: Subcontractor for Construcciones Samaniego

Project Description: Construction of asphalt pavement for the Speed Circuit and karting tracks.

Work scope: Manufacturing, transporting, spreading and compacting several layers of hot bituminous mixtures, with means owned entirely by the company.

Special features of the project: Given the special characteristics of a speed circuit, it was necessary to adapt both the manufacture of the mixes (unusual and with extraordinary properties) and their paving, which was carried out with three pavers in a battery across the entire width of the circuit to avoid longitudinal joints in the mix. The paving also had to be carried out with an added requirement in terms of planimetry and surface regularity, having to pass quality controls far superior to those required in the usual road specifications.

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