Infrastructure and civil works construction

We are experts in civil works construction for all types of projects.

We build more than infrastructure. We leave our mark for future generations.

We have led the infrastructure sector in La Rioja since our beginnings. Since then we have grown, ensuring that our projects are remembered and recognised by society. Our teams create functional and safe environments that last.

Inspired by the challenge, we deliver projects that make a difference to territories and their development. We do this with our equipment, materials and machinery, under maximum safety control, to guarantee the best results, controlling the entire construction cycle.

Our civil works projects


Layout improvement and platform enlargement of road -2128, sections P.K. 46+670 to 48+750, and 49+820 to 55+980, between San Vicente de Arana and Santa Cruz de Campezo.


Construction of Murillo de Río Leza bypass, from road LR-259 to LR-261, PHASE II.


Upgrading of the LR-250 road, section P.K. 30+000 to 36+700, between Terroba and Jalón de Cameros.


Upgrading of the A-3114 road, between K.P. 26+020 and 27+430, between Maeztu and Leorza.


Construction of the A-132 road between Maeztu and Antoñana.


Paving in the construction of Circuito de los Arcos