In Ismael Andres we have carried out major public works throughout the northern peninsular territory. We have a long history of successful civil works projects, from bridges and roads, to the complete urbanization of parts of different cities.

We have managed to create infrastructures at the service of the citizenship through public tenders as the best option and these are just some examples of civil works projects


Layout improvement and platform enlargement of road -2128, sections P.K. 46+670 to 48+750, and 49+820 to 55+980, between San Vicente de Arana and Santa Cruz de Campezo.


Upgrading of the LR-250 road, section P.K. 30+000 to 36+700, between Terroba and Jalón de Cameros.


Construction of junction and service roads in the Nalda-Albelda de Iregua section of the N-111 highway.