Construction of Murillo de Río Leza Bypass, from road LR-259 to LR-261, PHASE I.


Location: Murillo de Río Leza, La Rioja

Clients: Gobierno de La Rioja 

Budget: 5.231.490,58 €

Year of completion: 2019

Collaborators: Adjudicatario único

Project description: New road between different municipalities, in order to eliminate heavy traffic from the narrow crossing of Murillo de Río Leza.

Work scope: Construction of beam bridges, as well as the necessary earthmoving operations for this purpose and for the grading of the new roadway. Construction of junction traffic circles. Supplier of foundations and pillars, as well as coordination of supply.

Project specifics: Construction of the Murillo de Río Leza bypass with approximately 500,000 m3 of excavation and embankment, construction of three bridges over the Leza and Jubera rivers and all the granular and asphalt pavements manufactured and spread by ourselves, as well as all the signaling, beaconing and environmental and fluvial restorations.

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