Punctual improvement in the LR-382 road crossing, P.K. 12+950 to P.K. 13+860, in Arnedo.


Ubication: Arnedo, La Rioja

Clients: Gobierno de La Rioja 

Budget: 1.300.566,96 €

Year of completion: 2021

Collaborators: Adjudicatario único

Project Description: The municipality of Arnedo has been demanding for years the need to carry out the conditioning of the urban section through which this industrial estate runs, which corresponds to the section of the LR-382 (P.K. 12+950 to P.K. 13+860). In this section it is necessary to design the corresponding sidewalks, as well as the drainage system and the provision of the necessary conduits to include the municipal services in coordination with the City Council. The action will also include the renovation of the pavement, as well as the replacement of both horizontal and vertical signage. This project also contemplates the execution of a traffic circle that will serve as a change of direction for all the traffic generated in the industrial area, since left turns will be avoided along the entire route for access to the plots, and another traffic circle at the current “T” intersection, between roads LR-382 and LR-583.

Work performed:Ismael Andrés executed this work as the main contractor, carrying out all the earthworks, demolitions, renovation of sewage and drainage networks, as well as the definition and execution of the bicycle lane and sidewalks and their final pavements. The work was completed with the extension of granular pavements and asphalt pavements, the renewal of signage and beacons, and street lighting works.

Particularities of the Project: in this work Ismael Andrés used its specific aggregate crushing machinery to recycle in situ the demolition of the old sidewalks, obtaining an excellent quality material that could be used in trench fillings, bases of new sidewalks, etc., contributing to the circularity of the work. Our technical team was able to carry out this work without affecting the industrial activity of the industrial park, keeping traffic open during the entire duration of the works.

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