Logroño Bus Station


Location: Logroño, La Rioja

Clients: LIF 2002, Logroño Railway Integration – ADIF, Government of La Rioja and Logroño City Council.

Budget: 16.076.748,33 €.

Completion year: 2022

Collaborators: UTE with VIAS y Construcciones and Agua y Jardín.

Project Description: Construction of bus station in Logroño, including revegetation.

Work scope: Supply and execution of concrete works (including foundations), topography and coordination of subcontracting and construction management.

Project peculiarities: Technical difficulty due to the proximity and interaction with the train station. For this reason, technical engineering was involved to recalculate. A vault connecting the train station and the bus station structure had to be made, all metallic, with a special design.

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