We completed the rehabilitation of a section of the AP-68 highway.

We completed the rehabilitation section that AVASA had awarded us as part of its last pavement rehabilitation campaign on the AP-68 highway, located between KP 80+000 to 85+150, in the direction of Zaragoza.

The rehabilitation of this section was based on the reinforcement of the existing pavement with a new wearing course with BBTM 8A, manufactured at the Asfaltos de San Felices plant, a few kilometers from the work site, minimizing the carbon footprint generated in the work. This intervention has been carried out along more than 5 km, in both lanes of traffic, including shoulders.

We are grateful for the collaboration in these works of LANTANIA, providing its transfer silo, necessary in these works to avoid disintegration and achieve the homogenization of the wearing mixture, to GOYO Group, who has been in charge of carrying out the lane cuts, ensuring the safety of the workers of the Hot Bituminous Mixes (HBCs) paving equipment.

In addition, the milling and replacement of the two rest areas at PK 80+000, which are very frequented by heavy traffic, and the replacement of the sound track on the right edge, carried out with the specific equipment of our collaborator GLADSTONE, were also carried out.

Finally, it should be noted that the recently published ABERTIS Autopistas Manual de Actuación en Pista 5.0 (MAP 5.0) has been used for this work, which guarantees the total safety of workers in works with open traffic on freeways such as the AP-68. It should be mentioned that the guidelines in this manual are highly rigorous and detailed, which has allowed this rehabilitation project to be carried out in complete safety.